fat person grinning widely and holding a black cat

ellen wondra

software engineer. pet herder. crafty.

Software Engineer

I've been writing software for over 7 years. My engineering has always been motivated by a deep compassion for my users, whether that means an end user or a coworker who might consume my code in 6 months.

What I optimize for

I love working in interesting niches in between the product and code. In past contracts, I have become an expert in SEO, in making designs accessible, in mobile-friendliness...in a lot of interesting areas!

What they all have in common: they have led me to optimize for robust, reliable, maintainable code over what's sleek and cutting-edge. My customers typically don't notice or care about very small algorithmic enhancements. They absolutely notice when the slick cutting-edge shiny-new-tech nav bar doesn't work on older phones in rural areas.

I don't want to spend my life optimizing algorithms. It's important work, and it isn't a good fit for my skill set and interests. Instead, I want to find the user you have neglected or undervalued and make smart, thoughtful changes to elevate their experience. That is where I shine.