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My Values at Work: Iterate on Processes, Not People


This is the second in my series on my values at work! To read the first, go here

I'm looking for a job. This means that I am going through the job interviewing process, and talking with a lot of different people about myself, and which values I embody and need to share with my employer. One value that I embody to action, and that I often repeat, is this: iterate on processes, not people. But what does that mean?

Sometimes, in a group or an organization, it can be tempting to iterate on people until you get things right. By this, I mean, feedback loops are tied primarily to individual performance, and when the outcome is negative or the system fails, an individual is fired or removed and replaced, ad infinitum, until the right...

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My Values at Work: No Tech for ICE


What are my values at work?

Well, it's 2020, and I'm looking for work.

I'm a software engineer, in the field working since 2014, so theoretically the options are pretty endless. This, plus our political climate, mean that I have been thinking extensively about what I want in my next position. What are my values? Where do they begin and end? What are my values at work, and where do I embody them to exclusion--meaning, I do not want to entertain people or companies who do not share these values--vs. where do I embody them to action, places where I can do the work of helping make the world a better place by speaking truth to power, having difficult conversations, building tools to help people help themselves?

The truth is, I am...

my values at work no tech for ice ethics in tech
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