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QR Cross-Stitch, Part 2: NOW WE'RE COOKING WITH GAS!!




Just wanted to update you all, since the last QR post has so many hits and I am having such a ding-dang good time creating more QR code art! 

After the last post, I did a little more research into QR codes. I learned a few things. First, the margin of error in a QR code is about 10%. This is how some artists will put pictures and things in their QR codes--you should see the beautiful works out there! This also means that most stitched QR codes are fine with a normal cross-stitch; you get a reliable scan without having to outline all of the boxes.

Secondly, I researched the border that is recommended for QR code scanning. The actual border they recommend is a quarter of an inch. I've...

qr code neat and nerdy cross-stitch crafts
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QR Cross-Stitch


Hey all! Last week, I sat down on my couch with my laptop (well, technically, a friend's laptop--THANK YOU, KERRI!!!) and made a lovely little QR code cross-stitch project! When you scan this QR code within the reach of my wifi network, you are logged on to my WiFi network! This is my write-up of that experience.

What is a QR code? 

QR code is an abbreviation of Quick Response code. It's an incredibly efficient way to store information, similar to a UPC barcode, but it scans more quickly and it can hold a lot more information. The information is stored as an image, typically a series of black squares on a white square background, though artists have been creating multicolored QR codes for years.

Squares on a white background...

qr code neat and nerdy cross-stitch crafts
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