ellen wondra

software engineer. pet herder. crafty.

Hi there!

I'm Ellen. I'm a human who lives in western Washington. Professionally, I write code. I care a lot about my users' needs, and I believe in using good engineering practices to support these needs. You can never write perfect code, but you can build a robust system of processes that finds problems before they reach your end user.

In my personal life, I like to express my creative side. I create music, paint, knit, cross-stitch...I've tried most fiber arts that I've heard of. I have two very small cats and two very large dogs, and they're all named after fighter pilots on the Battlestar Galactica, because I'm a big nerd too.

This is my personal website. It's not much, but it's mine.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can reach me at hello@ellenwondra.com.

Box Model Cross Stitch

The box model describes the way that different elements on a website relate to each other in space. This cross-stitch represents the box model using colors inspired by the Google Chrome demonstration of the model, but it can be done in many other color combinations.

cross-stitched box model
w-saves Cross-Stitch

The command ":w" saves your document in Vi/Vim. This cheeky cross-stitch helps me remember that.

cross-stitch of praying hands emoji with the phrase 'w saves'
Seven Times Eight Cross-Stitch

There's a famous proverb, "fall down seven times, get up eight." Well, this is the developer's version of that. In addition to showing the text and the image of a bug, there is an LED element: the bug can light up.

cross-stitch of a flea in a magnifying glass that says 'find bug seven times, fix bug eight' cross-stitch of a flea in a magnifying glass lit up with a red LED. it says 'find bug seven times, fix but eight'
LED Color Theory Cross-Stitch

I am iterating on a design that properly represents hexcode and LED color. Hexcode is made of three combinations of letters and numbers which correspond to an amount of red, blue, and green light. Those lights can combine to create other colors like cyan, yellow, and magenta. I am iterating on size, labels, and positioning to try to make it as legible as possible.

cross-stitch of a diagram of additive colors. The colors are labeled with hexacode values. cross-stitch of a diagram of additive colors. the colors are labeled with hexacode values.
Full-Fat Cheesecake Cross-Stitch

These piece are part of some art depicting fat women that I created for August Adipose 2020. In depicting a fat woman almost like a pin-up, I attempted to stake out some sensual, functional, fun space for fatness.

cross-stitch of a fat woman with blue hair in lingerie. She is bent over pulling laundry out of a hamper. cross-stitch of a fat woman with pink hair in a bra and shorts brushing her hair and framed by flowers